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No More Straps Mounting System

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with using straps to secure your bikes whilst transporting them, however, there is a better way.
No More Straps is quick, easy and totally reliable to use.
First developed back in 2015 the No More Straps system has seen many adaptations and improvements in that time through to the mount we are proud to offer today.
Roll the bike into front support and then clamp the rear arm into place. Once you have secured by just three points (two T handles and a turnbuckle) you are good to go!
No damage to the fairing from straps rubbing.
No maze of straps to try and load additional gear around.
No damage to forks or suspension as no compression to them.
Maximises space in your van/trailer.

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  • News: We are currently working on additional two projects, a method to enable the mount to be quickly removed when not in use and adaptors to fit off road bikes.
    Please bare with us on these as we want to get it right and fully test to ensure best solution.

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